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Remember the smell of freshly printed mimeograph papers in school? I used to think that was so cutting-edge the few times I was invited to make copies for the class. Now we have 3-D printers and digital whiteboards. Things have sure changed – have you?

This year has certainly led to major changes in how we do business and live life. Many changes in life are thrust upon us and all we can do is look to respond wisely. You have the opportunity to make changes that will lead to better days.

Being proactive as you approach the next year will help you prioritize your limited resources and get the best results. We took time to set goals in our last peer group meetings and thought you would enjoy some of the tools we used.

How satisfied are you with your life

How Satisfied Are You?

I gave members of our peer groups a Satisfaction Assessment and asked them to note how satisfied they are with their personal and professional life. Satisfaction creates energy and the we can all use more energy to pursue our goals.

Then I suggested they consider goals in both their personal and professional lives that will give them the life and company they really want. It was a very enlightening exercise so let me know if you want a copy of this assessment for your planning.

A few things that you should keep in mind as you plan to make changes next year.

Keep things in perspective.  Step back and look at the bigger picture. This is one of the reasons our CEO group members meet each month to get room to think and input from other leaders as they seek to make the best decision. This is also the value of the Satisfaction Assessment.

Remember your purpose. My sales coach Frank Gustafson reminded me that I can chase my own plan or chase someone else’s plan. I started Renaissance Executive Forums Dallas so I can live out my purpose to help people remove anything that keeps them from being their best. In the hard times, this purpose keeps me pushing past the challenges to reach my goals. Your purpose can do the same if you clearly know what it is.

Prioritize and stay focused. I have found that most successful leaders know what to do, they just aren’t getting it done. When I provide Executive Coaching for my clients I help them get focused on what they really want and them help them remove whatever is getting in the way. Business owners and CEOs can feel overwhelmed and overloaded because everyone wants something or sometime from you. You can’t do it all so knowing what you really want and putting that first will help you get it done.

Stay light on your feet. Stay agile as you push ahead with the changes you want to make. Ask lots of question from your team to see how the changes are being received, check the numbers often (numbers don’t lie), and adjust as needed. Hold your team accountable for the results you expected of them, and be willing to make the next set of changes that are needed to reach your goals.

Ask other successful leaders what they did to reach their goals and find what will work best for you. If you don’t have a successful group of leaders to talk with, talk to me about joining ours.

Make plans to attend our next CEO Learning Session and see what it’s like to be a part of our groups for business owners and CEOs. Learn more and sign up at

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