NOBODY CARES (until you do)

Living beyond the Blame, Excuses, and Doubts That Hold You Back

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An inspiring guide for going from victim to victor

Do you ever wonder why your life has turned out the way it has?  Maybe you have become comfortable living in a world of where you blame others and make excuses for why things happen to you. Maybe you feel you just can’t do what it takes to make it better so you wait and hope that someday it will.

Most people do not realize what life can really be like if you own it.  You may be holding yourself back from the life you really want and are not aware that you have the power to move from this victim mindset to being a victor in life. What’s missing?

Accountability.  You need to own it!

With Nobody Cares (Until You Do), authors Robert Hunt and Salem Thyne present an easy to understand and inspiring book written to help move readers from victim to victors. Framed around a climb up Accountability Mountain, they guide you from the muck and mire of excuses and lack of self-awareness, giving you the tools you need to take ownership of your life, and find freedom and satisfaction. 

It’s a must-read for anyone struggling to take control of their life.

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Accountability is a key for success in your life and your business … Nobody Cares is a step-by-step guide for you to make accountability a center of your life.
Shin Takahashi
Shin Takahashi
Chairman of the Board, NEC Corporation of America

A Chapter by Chapter look at Nobody Cares

Chapter 1 - "Unaware"
Chapter 2 - "Blame"
Chapter 3 - "Excuses"
Chapter 4 - "I Can't"
Chapter 5 - "Wait & Hope"
Chapter 6 - "Time for a Change"
Chapter 7 - "Acknowledge Reality"
Chapter 8 - "Embrace the Suck"
Chapter 9 - "Find a Solution"
Chapter 10 - "Make it happen"
Chapter 11 - "Get Back Up"

Break free of the limiting stories we tell ourselves.

Download chapter one of Nobody Cares to begin your climb up Accountability Mountain. Transform your life today!


Testimonials about NOBODY CARES

Accountability is a choice you can make every single day, in big moments and small ones. So, as Robert and Salem suggest in Nobody Cares, let’s make the right choice to always be accountable about our actions and decisions. I am incredibly proud of Salem and Coach Robert for bringing this great book to life. What a great example of accountability just to make this book happen—always helping us to be better leaders and promoting learning.
Jean Cloude
Jean Claude Tissot
President, Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages
Nobody Cares is required reading! Hunt and Thyne have created a clever, straightforward, and meaningful read … This book is a delight to read, filled with practical wisdom and insight into our own character and how the lens from which we see our own action affects our level of success in all areas of life.
Linda Mullins
Linda Mullins
Inspired Leadership Group
Insightful and practical advice on how to improve your life by becoming accountable. In some ways this is shockingly simple, and in other ways it reveals deep hidden patterns that we all fall into, to our detriment.
Matt Bracy
Matt Bracy
Attorney, Parter, Scheef & Stone, LLP
I thought I understood accountability. In fact, I thought I was pretty good at it in my career and personal life. NOBODY CARES open my eyes to my personal accountability in all of my relationships, starting with my relationship with God, filtering into my marriage, my family and my friendships.
Wayne Gono
Wayne Gono
Regal Plastics Supply

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