Salem Thyne

Salem Thyne

Salem is the President of Fort Worth–based Middle Initial, a company that is bringing EVA (Esports Virtual Arenas) to the USA.  He has over twenty years of experience in oil, chemical, nuclear fuels businesses, and now Esports.  Salem is married to Soreya Thyne and is the father of four beautiful children: Gloria, Salem, Penelope, and Alex.

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Robert Hunt

Robert Hunt

Robert is the owner of Renaissance Executive Forums Dallas, an international CEO peer group equipping business leaders with the skills needed to scale their professional and personal mountains. Robert lives and works in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex with his wife Kathy. The couple has two grown children, Lauren and James.

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This book is not about us; it’s about changing lives.


We fully acknowledge that we would have never completed this book without the amazing team at Advantage Media, and specifically Lisa Canfield. When we first met Lisa, we knew she was the one who would understand our passion to share these principles, and someone who could take our two voices and make the book read as one. She did it!

We are so thankful for her patience, focus, dedication, and creativity to bring all our thoughts, stories, and emotions into this book. Lisa: you are a Rock Star!

We also want to thank our friends at Renaissance Executive Forums who brought us together in the first place. Our CEO group has encouraged us and supported our efforts to make this passion a reality. True accountability is found in community, and our group lives this out.

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