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I had the pleasure of interviewing Salem Thyne on the CEO Tip Of The Day Podcast last month. Salem is the CEO of Engineered Salinity (eSal), the world’s leader in the understanding of reservoir wettability optimization. This podcast shares insights into Salem, his company, his team and his passion to bring this new technology to the Oil & Gas Industry.

Salem is a member of our Renaissance Executive Forums CEO Peer Groups and he and I recently decided to write a book together. We talk about this and his journey to personal accountability. Listen to this podcast at

More about Salem Thyne

Salem is a 20+ year senior manager within the oil, chemical, and nuclear fuels industries. He has seem tremendous success in industries that are highly regulated. He leads by example and continually sets the bar higher for himself and his team in order to achieve outcomes others said were unattainable. Plus he’s a great guy!

Salem is an approachable mentor with a sense of humor. He has created an employee-friendly environment at Engineered Salinity that creates bottom-up input, while maintaining high team and individual accountabilities, and a fierce regard to safe operations.

ESal’s mission is to increase oil recovery for oil producers and investors by engineering salinity to alter wettability using our patented process. This process is predicated on proprietary screening algorithms, laboratory experiments, and computer modeling (and other terms I find hard to understand).

The patented ESal process improves wettability and increases recovery by changing the injection water salinity to increase recovery without adding chemicals, thereby resulting in increased recovery by 5 to 15% OOIP at a savings of 50-70% to our customers. This means they get more oil out of wells that were considered lost, and increase profits of existing wells. Thats a good thing.

Salem is humble, fun and my friend. I hope you will enjoy his podcast. 

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